The graces of the rose

Flowers: a wonderful garden for food

Edible flowers, the family to which the French rose belongs, are promising raw materials for our plate. Their active ingredients – polyphenols, antioxidants, carotenoids, natural carbohydrates, etc. – help to fight against oxidative stress, which is responsible for the ageing of our bodies and the degeneration of our skin.

Source Laurence Massip – Solutions Nutrition

Damask rose : a super ingredient in nutri-cosmetics

The velvety smoothness of a Damask rose petal, bright pink and fragrant, generates as many emotions as it contains benefits for the skin. Its essential oils and floral waters* are components of choice in a naturally demanding nutri-cosmetic. Used in food and traditional medicine, the active ingredients of this exceptional flower give off a delicately flowery aroma and help to fight against the ageing of our body.

*Floral waters do not contain alcohol and are therefore liver safe. Unlike essential oils, they do not present any contraindications.

A wealth of precious active ingredients for beauty

Its precious molecules (citronellol, geraniol, nerol…) have pharmacological properties, recognized since the 17th century. Thanks to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and repairing active ingredients, this In&Out (BI&O) beauty rose prevents the signs of skin aging. Protecting dull and tired skin, it enhances the radiance and luminositý of the complexion. Soothing, it is the ally of sensitive and reddened skin.

Source Santé Magazine / Dr Nina Roos, dermatologue

An olfactory and emotional experience

Thanks to its flowery and typical aromas, the power of the Damask rose fragrance is powerful on the
emotions. It soothes tension, promotes relaxation and helps you fall asleep.

Source : Guide d’olfactothérapie – le pouvoir des parfums sur nos émotions (santé/bien-être) avec une préface de Jean-Charles Sommerard.