Rosa-Rosae is the exclusive supplier of phyltres, a natural, responsible, original and made in France beauty brand.

Eco-responsibility: Rosa-Rosae is a responsible processor : sourcing from France, local cultivation of the Damask rose, creation of an agro-ecological ecosystem, preservation of biodiversity, AB certification in progress, minimisation of the carbon footprint… all the indicators are green.

Local: Rosa-Rosae contributes to the development of the new Aquitaine region and helps to boost the local economy with its rose BI&O.

High quality: Rosa-Rosae is uncompromising on the excellence and traceability of its products: from the plant to the storage and processing of its hydrolats and essential oils, we control the entire value chain.

R&D: modern and forward-looking, Rosa-Rosae is involved with Agrotec in a regional Research & Development program concerning
– the impact of the terroir on plant production and the impact of environmental conditions on the evolution of the organoleptic compounds of the rose,
– the control and optimization of storage conditions for hydrolats and essential oils.