To the root of Rosa-Rosae

The Damask rose, first flower to be distilled

Corinne Péronne becomes passionate about roses in her 18th century family farm, located in Montpezat in the heart of the new Aquitaine area that. Among the thousands that bloom throughout the world, she sets her heart on the Damask rose. A rose renowned since Antiquity and the first to have been used in perfumery! It was in the 11th century in Persia, that Avicienne, a doctor, chemist and philosopher, extracted pure essential oils from it. Source : Trust My Science

With the galloping soil concretization, the Damask rose has almost disappeared from the fields of France. Its essential oils and hydrolats come now mainly from Bulgaria, Turkey and Morocco to land in our cream pots and other beauty elixirs.

The Damask rose, an exceptional flower, had almost disappeared from the fields of France.

A rose introduced in a beauty In&Out

In 2015, Corinne, fascinated by this exceptional flower, decided to devote a few square meters to it and create Rosa-Rosae. Encouraged by a good first harvest, she ended up planting over 3,000 Damask roses. With Jacky Cabailh and Sylvain Gaboriaud, who met at Essec in 2020, the project took root and blossomed into the Beauty In&Out brand, phyltres.

Corinne Péronne, founder of Rosa-Rosae, with Jacky Cabailh (right) and Sylvain Gaboriaud (left), her
partners and co-founders of the beauty brand In&Out, phyltres.